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I am pleased to introduce this letter of recommendation for Mr. Thomas A. Lamb, architect and contractor. In 2007 we engaged Mr. Lamb to prepare the construction drawing for our retail store "Marti's" in downtown San Antonio, Texas, His professionalism and guidelines allowed us to complete our building under budget and in time. Our situation was unique in that our building is in historic downtown San Antonio, which is a very sensitive area historically. We are right next door to the Spanish Governor's Palace (c:1722) and Mr. Lamb was instrumental in securing the necessary permits as well as supervising the entire process. Mr. Lamb's sensitivity was very important to us as we are a 57 year old family business, Marti's, from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. As our reputation required that we introduce our business to San Antonio with the same flair with which our reputation demanded of us, Mr. Lamb understood this process very well and worked very diligently to maintain our focus.

Part of the construction was done by Mr. Lamb's construction company supervised by Mr. Thomas Lamb, Jr., which was done exceptionally well. His experience is rewarding and very valuable.

I do not hesitate to recommend this firm to anyone as we are absolutely satisfied with their work and then some. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions,


Pablo Jacobo "Jack" Suneson Bautista

Dear Mr. Lamb,

Susan and I are more than happy to give our letter of recommendation for the wonderful quality and workmanship of the remodeling of our residence, which was completed over a year ago. The best recommendation from one homeowner to another is that Lamb Construction will redo anything that needs to be redone until you are completely satisfied.

Lamb Construction is very honest and thorough. If you have a question about any cost items, they will pull out the paperwork and break it down to review with you each item by item. The change orders were clearly explained and well documented. We greatly appreciate the effort given to our project and would highly recommend them to any future clients,


James and Susan Martin

Dear Mr. Lamb,

We would like to give Lamb Architects I Lamb Construction our letter of recommendation as a company who delivers " the best effort to satisfy the customer. We have use Mr. Lamb's services on two projects to date. The first project was the redesign of our sells counter cabinets along with other clothes rack mill work cabinets — Penners Downtown Clothing Store . The work was executed on time, within budget, and of the highest quality workmanship. We were very pleased with the final product. The second project was the remodeling of a residential condo unit. The work was accomplished on time and again the quality was excellent and also involved the building of a custom bed frame and headboard. Without any reservations, we would recommend Lamb Architects / Lamb Construction as the best company to use for your design-build projects.

Respectfully submitted,

Matt Panners